The Phases of the Moon

During our first quarter of fifth grade science, we will be studying our solar system. One of our objectives is to describe how the moon’s appearance changes during the lunar cycle. We did a series of lab stations and activities to learn about the moon phases, then we developed a script and made our first green screen video of the year to show what we learned! You can see our video below. You may need to adjust your volume; we learned that we’ll need to use a different microphone for our next video!

What was your favorite part of studying the moon phases?
What questions about the solar system do you still have?

36 thoughts on “The Phases of the Moon

  1. I liked the video because, it gives good information about the moon phases. Everyone in the video did a great job helping you make it!

  2. My favorite part of studying the moon phases was the Oreo cookies
    when we cut off the cream. I still want to know why Pluto is not a planet.

  3. Our favorite part of the project was when we made a model of the moon phases with Oreo’s.
    Great job on the video, guys! 🙂

  4. We think that this is awesome and we were both so excited to be on this video and post to the public! The moon is a very interesting topic and I hope their can be more for earth somewhere out there! The pencils and foam ball activity was very fun and the Oreos was probably the yummiest project yet, and probably the only project we can eat!

  5. Our favorite part about the moon phases was when we did the Oreo experiment because we got to eat Oreo cookies after we were finished and it was fun trying to make the moon. What degree angles do the planets rotate around the sun. I think that the students shouldn’t stop in the middle of their sentences.

  6. We loved your blog because it had good information about the phases and had good clips of the kids! Everybody did a great job in the video! It was so much fun making! How many moons do the outer planets have in total all together?

  7. I loved learning about the moon phases. It is so interesting. My favorite part of the blog was when they were interviewing and we got to learn about the moon!

  8. Mrs Hamman the video about the moon was very interesting. We enjoyed learning about the moon’s phases.

  9. My favorite part of the video is the part were it showed all the things we did to learn the phases of the moon. Everybody did a great job. It was amazing.

  10. Our favorite part of studying the moon phases was when we were the Earth and held a foam ball and when we made a model of the moon phases out of Oreos. A question we still have about the solar system is how did the asteroid belt come to be?

  11. I really like the projects the students did because they are all very good home projects. I have no questions. Yay!

  12. We learned so much from this video. Our favorite part of this project was the moon oreo cookies. We want to learn more about what are on each of the planets, also how many moons are in our solar system.

  13. We believe this video is amazing as amazing because its cool and informational.

  14. I learned a lot from this video. The editing was really good and really high quality for a class. My favorite part was the Oreo moon cookies. I really look forward to more of these videos.

  15. The thing that I liked most about this topic was probably just learning about it altogether. I thought the video was cool, i liked it (glad i wasn’t in it,) and it wasn’t a boring experience.

  16. The best part of the moon project was the Oreo examples. We think that this was a great way to show a visual model of the different phases. We thought they were delicious and really helped our minds grow. Thank you!

  17. Our favorite part of the learning experience was the Oreo cookie moons project. We loved the green screen filming too! We want to learn more about other galaxies and how planets are formed. Thank you so much, we are going to have a blast this year!

  18. I loved the video because we made the moon phases with oreos because we got to eat the oreos.

  19. Our favorite part of learning about the moon phases was recreating the phases of the moon. We want to learn why Venus is hotter than Mercury even though it is farther away from the Sun.

  20. Emme: I loved it cause it was creative.
    Kaliani: It had a lot of activities so I loved it.
    Alaina: It was very great and it had a lot of info.

  21. Hello Mrs. Hamman! Thanks for this wonderful video and i loved filming and doing the projects in it! my brother loved watching it and learning about the phases of the moon! Thanks so much!

    – Sariah

  22. I am so proud of the hard work and effort that went into creating this video. You all did a fantastic job of teaching your viewers about the moon in a creative way. My question is, how did you use the “green screen” in your video?

    1. Hello Mr. Beickel This is Amber one of the students in the video. Mrs. Hamman got a green screen app called DoInk. Then we put up a green sheet of fabric across the whiteboard and we video taped the script. Then Mrs. Hamman got pictures and put the pictures into the videos and then put all the videos together. We did all the projects at the end of the video during our class. It was so much fun! I am really excited to do another video.

  23. Very interesting! Thanks 5th Grade for the awesome explanation of the moon phases!

  24. Wow! Very impressive and informative! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I can’t wait to show my class this post!

    Mrs. Moore

  25. Wow!! Way to go, 5th grade! You guys are amazing!! Such a cool project!

  26. WOW! I learned so much about the phases of the moon! You are all so professional in your video! I think my favorite would have been the OREO activity. The mouse and cheese explanation was my favorite! 🙂
    Can you teach us about the “green screen”?

  27. Awesome job guys and gals! I am so inspired by this video that I think I am going to have to borrow Mrs. Hamman’s green screen and her filming abilities and we might have to do some ‘interviews’ about our explorers. I’ll be looking for volunteers in both classes.

  28. My favorite part of this project was the OREO moon phases project because I had a great time and I learned a lot.

  29. I liked the moon phases book it helped me memorize the phases of the moon.

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