Mad Science Day 2018

Mad Science Day is when we dedicate a whole school day to exploring science. Our fifth grade team has a tradition of holding Mad Science Day each year on October 31. This year it fell on a half day, but we still packed in plenty of learning and fun!

We prepared for Mad Science Day by talking about the scientific method. We realized that the activities we’d be doing would be investigations rather than experiments, since we were not going to follow all the steps of the scientific method. Still, we recorded data and wrote up our conclusions for each investigation and we learned a lot from what we observed!

Here’s a video showing some of the things we did on Mad Science Day.

What is one thing you learned on Mad Science Day?

What other investigations would you like to do this year?

4 thoughts on “Mad Science Day 2018

  1. Booyah Bobcats! Those are some super cool science experiments!

    One thing I learned about Mad Science Day is how each student was using their inside voices so each student could focus on their work, pretty impressive!

    The other investigation I would like to see you do this year would be about ocean life that would require a cool field trip to Odysea or Dolphinaris!

  2. I really enjoyed learning about rockets. I also liked making the model rockets.

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