It’s the End of the School Year

It has been an amazing year in fifth grade. Tomorrow is our last day of school before we become sixth graders.

We’ve taken pictures and video every day of the school year in our class to document our learning. Would you believe we have taken 1,349 images in just this school year?! This video was auto-created using just one-tenth of the pictures on Mrs. Hamman’s phone!

You can see more images from our year on our private Instagram, @hammanclass.

Did this video bring back any memories you had forgotten from this year?
What is your favorite memory of fifth grade?

61 thoughts on “It’s the End of the School Year

  1. My favorite memory this year has to be the Solar energy Improve the world because I got to run an awesome station that demonstrated solar mechanisms and I helped with the fountain. It was very messy!

    1. Dear Samantha,

      My name is Maddie. That project sounds like a lot of fun! How long did it take you?

  2. My favorite memory of fifth grade was when we did party in a bag.

  3. The video brought back the memory of when we did the moon things where we stuck a pencil through a foam ball and put it up to the light. My favorite project was when we did the marble track made out of postcards.

  4. This reminds me of the solar unit we had this year. My favorite memory of this school year is when we did party in the bag the whole day.

  5. My favorite memory of the school year is all the awesome experiments that we did for science.

  6. I liked the project when we moved the styrofoam moons around the light, and I had totally forgotten about that one.

  7. The video brought back lots of memories for me like when we make the icosahedrons, the microscopes, and the Oreo moon phases. It was lots of fun this year working with my friends and learning about many new and different things.

  8. I liked the video. I remembered stuff I completely forgot about such as the Mars project where we had to make a sustainable living space for people, except we included food, shopping, etc. I think it was fun this year in 5th grade.

  9. This video brought back so many memories from first quarter and above. I total forgot about the lung project!

  10. Wow! So many fun projects! This video brought back the memories of making those snowflakes, sifting the dirt on Future Focused Friday, making the lung models with the bags in the Makers Place, and many more! My favorite memory was hanging out with my friends, but if it has to be from the video, it would be holding the moon models with the light and turning slowly around to observe the moon phases. 🙂

  11. I remembered how funny me and Cody are… And mi bad speling.

  12. The video reminds me of the moon project we did when we put pencils on foam balls and walked around. My favorite part of fifth grade was the balloon launching.

  13. I did not forget anything. I liked when i made the “robotic” hand.

  14. Wow, there was so many fun pictures and videos! This video brought back memories when we were doing the solar oven and recording the data. I think my favorite memory was when we did the cotton ball blink test to see if we would blink when a cotton ball was thrown at our faces.

  15. This video reminded me of so many great things and I’m happy that I have come to this school. The teachers were amazing and all of the people are too. The video reminded me of spending time with my friends and it reminded me of how much I’ve been through.

  16. My favorite thing about fifth grade was the balloon project. This video reminded me of the moon project.

  17. This video reminded me of the commercial that me and Brynn made! It was so much fun! I am really going to miss my class and great teachers.

  18. This brings back the memory of the commercial that me and my friend Brynn made. It was so much fun! I will miss my class and amazing teachers!

  19. All this stuff this year was really fun I remember doing the snowflakes and the moons.

  20. This video brought back memories of doing the greenhouse project/house on the moon which has been my favorite thing this year.

  21. This video brought back tons of memories like the icosahedrons, the oreo moon project, and the food coloring water bottle soap.

  22. This post brought back so many memories like butterscotch the potato, the dirt project, the float rainbow, and the icosahedron. this was such a good year but I have to say my favorite thing was the icosahedron project it was so fun and creative.

  23. I loved when me and Lila did that commercial in the video. It was hilarious.

  24. I loved when we got to do the lung experiment. It was fun and awesome.

  25. I absolutely loved the video and I will try to replicate the experiments at my house all summer. My mom is really in to this sort of thing so she will be super supportive.

  26. My favorite part of fifth grade was when we went to the suns game for trash can band.

  27. This video brought back so many memories of great things i did with my friends! One of my favorite memories of this past 5th grade year was for sure getting to do fun games including Sumdog, Brainpop, and cool math games! This 5th grade year was tremendously great!

  28. My favorite memory was when I did the marble run, it was great.

  29. My favorite part of fifth grade was the improve the world summit.
    I forgot about the oreo project we did to learn the moon phases.

  30. I really liked this year because of all the fun projects. I learned way more than I did in 4th grade. My favorite memories were party and the bag and the Oreo phases of the moon.

  31. This is such a great video it brings back lots of memories.It is fun to look back at all of the fun things we have done in fifth grade.

  32. This video brought back some of my favorite memories! One of my favorites was when we did the Oreo moon phases, and when we did our first REAL math breakout. I am so glad that we had this amazing year! Thanks Mrs. Hamman!!

  33. Gosh, I forgot about those potatoes we grew! Also, I forgot the solar system project we learned about, with the foam, pencil, and the light! This year was a lot of fun. Although I can’t wait for summer break, I will truly, for sure, miss this amazing 5th grade year my teachers and friends gave me. Thanks guys!

  34. This video brought back lots of memories and good time I love all the photos and seeing my classmates. One of my favorites was the lung and celery experiments. I loved watching this video! My favorite memory was probably making slime!

  35. My favorite memory was the marshmallow catapults. I remember the liquid nitrogen! That was really cool to watch. I really enjoyed this school year!

  36. My favorite one we did was when we did the styrofoam balls to act like planets and also it did bring back some memories like the styrofoam balls! But fifth grade was so fun this year! I had a lot of fun it was a magical year in fifth grade I really enjoyed it and especially I enjoyed my teachers I’m going to miss them.

  37. I forgot about the moon base, that was also my favorite because I like crafting. And that was mine. 🙂

  38. This video has brought back so many memories I totally forgot about. One of my favorite memories is when we did the moon things because that was really fun to do. There were lots of funny videos that I loved watching. This year has been incredible and I am very happy with all the things we did.

  39. My favorite memory was the solar improve the world. It made me interested in solar. This is one of my favorite school years.

  40. My favorite memory of this year was getting to play for the suns at the halftime show April 1st, it was a ton of fun. This video reminded me of when I was mistaken for a boy.

  41. Yes,the balloon and string I forgot about. My favorite memory was the solar lamp.

  42. I forgot about the moon base and my favorite thing I did was spending time with my friends. 😀

  43. This video was amazing and I am so excited for the year ahead of us! I hope that next year our teacher will do blogs too. My favorite thing we did this year was the moon oreo cookies because it involved food!

  44. My favorite memory was when we did the phases of the moon because I got to eat all the frosting and cookies and it was an amazing experience.

  45. This video brought back so many good memories from fifth grade. I loved all of the websites and games we played.

  46. I really didn’t remember much, as I have the brain capacity of a 3-year-old, it brought back the phases of the moon, the density tower, that solar…thing, and the robotic hand was fun (I didn’t enjoy the chicken tendons.)
    One of my favorite memories was the marble track with postcards, there was a heated debate in the middle of that, though.

  47. I forgot about how many projects that we did! So many creative ideas and mindsets! Like the Oreo moon phase project! So yummy too! Thank you Mrs. Hamman and Mrs.Cote for making my year in fifth grade amazing!

  48. Wow, this year in science was fun! I totally forgot about that balloon project. I liked it when we tested our reflexes by throwing cotton balls, catching meter sticks, and pointing out scrambled numbers! 🙂

  49. I had an amazing fifth grade year. It was definitely one of my best/favorite years. One of my favorite things we did that I had forgotten about was the Oreo moon phase thing we had done to learn the different phases of the moon. My favorite was twin day when Me, Avery, Abby, Ella, and Ellie all twined as quintuplets. Thank you Mrs. Hamman for an AMAZING year!

  50. I completely forgot about the Oreo cookie moon phases. My favorite part of this year has to be S.T.E.A.M. Day.

  51. Yes, it did bring back memories that were forgotten. My favorite memory in fifth grade was when we did party in a bag.

  52. I learned lots from these demonstrations. They were all so cool. My favorite was the bat. I learned that pollen sticks to the tiny hair on the bat’s face and when he goes to another flower to get nectar, the pollen falls off.

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