Monday, March 23, 2020

Hi everyone! This is going to be a new adventure for us this week! Please read everything on this post and watch both of the videos I made.

We always do a checklist in our class each week, so think of this blog as your checklist for the week. I will add new posts every day so check in whenever you can, but don’t worry about it if you aren’t able to check the blog every day. This post you’re reading now is the most important one.

Click on the video below and I’ll give you instructions about how to navigate the blog this week. Sound needs to be on! Depending on the device you’re on, you might need to click on the popout icon in the top right corner to get it to play.

Checklist for the week of March 23-27, 2020

1. Your first job is to send Mrs. Hamman an email. Click on the video below for instructions on how to access your student email. It’s easier for me to communicate with you faster if I get emails from your student accounts, not your parents’ accounts, so I’m going to show you how to use your own Outlook account (which is filtered and safe). After you watch my video, send me a practice email to see if it works.

2. Leave me a comment on the blog. You’ve done this before (just scroll down to the bottom of this post and follow the directions). If you can’t email me, leaving a blog comment is another way of getting ahold of me, but it’s not as fast as email. Remember, all blog comments are monitored so they don’t post automatically.

Math Activities

3. Work on ALEKS. You knew I was going to say that, right? It really is one of the best ways to stay sharp on your math skills. I didn’t put in an assignment this week, so just set yourself a goal to work on it a certain number of minutes or a certain number of topics for the week. I’d suggest 15-30 minutes a day if it’s possible. See if you can bust through to the next level.

4. Try some SolveMe puzzles. Remember, we were trying to get to Level 200 on the mobiles puzzle! Click on any of the ones you want to try for problem-solving practice. You don’t need to sign in, you can just play as a guest. Link: SolveMe

5. Think of your own math project. Usually at the beginning of the quarter you choose a math project from a list. I’ll give you a link to the list, but I’d like you to feel free to think up your own math project if you don’t want to use any of my ideas! It just needs to be something you research and learn about that is math-related, and you need to share your learning in some way (make a game, video, Powerpoint, Sway, whatever you want). Start thinking about what you’d like to research! I’ll ask you next week for your idea. If you have any questions, email me or leave a blog comment. Here’s a link to last quarter’s list to give you some ideas: Math Projects-Third Quarter

6. I’ll post some other ideas and websites for math activities throughout the week. SumDog and Prodigy are always available and I’ll turn the house on in SumDog from time to time. Email me if you forget your login information.


7. We are still working on Journey North! The final locations will be posted on April 13, so we need to figure them out before then. I went to school and copied down our board with your guesses for hemispheres, continent, country and state/region. Here’s a spreadsheet that shows our best guesses so far. Remember, the ones in red we haven’t all agreed on yet! (Click to enlarge)

Now we need to start trying to figure out the city, which is the last thing we need to figure out the Mystery Classes! Here are Links to clues (you can look at all of them now, even the ones for future dates): Mystery Class Clues

Keep track of your guesses. Next week we’ll “discuss” them as a class using a fun method, and we’ll come up with our final guesses to submit.

8. BrainPop. I put an assignment in BrainPop for you to start learning about our fourth quarter unit on forces and motion. We’re going to do some really fun investigations, whether we do them at home or at school! Feel free to explore anything else you want to explore on BrainPop, too. If you forgot your login information, email me (I know all your notebooks are still at school so you might not remember your logins, but I have access to the login info.)

Fun Stuff

9. Brain Breaks. Don’t spend all day on screens! Here’s a link to a list of Brain Breaks I found online: Brain Breaks. Leave a blog comment if you think of any other good Brain Break ideas!

10. Video of the day. I think you’ll like this one (watch the whole thing!)

That’s all I have for you right now, but keep checking this blog for more info throughout the week. I’m sure you miss your friends and want to talk to them. I’m researching different ways that we could “meet” and talk to each other live online, and as soon as I figure out the best option I’ll post the instructions here. Have a wonderful week!



95 thoughts on “Monday, March 23, 2020

  1. Student email wouldn’t let me sign in through HUSD. Are there any other ways to get in?

    1. Hi Tatum! Could you send me an email through a parent’s account? Then we can talk in more detail about how to troubleshoot it.

      1. Hi Mrs. Hamman! I just wanted to let you know that everything is working well and I hope you had a great spring break!

  2. My computer wouldn’t let me into ALEKS either, so what should I do?

    1. Hmm. Did it work before? It sounds like a Microsoft login issue for both of your problems. Is there another computer or device you could try? If not, could you try another browser (like Edge instead of Chrome or something?) If we still can’t get it to work, don’t worry about it! Just work on the other math sites I suggest for this week (new one coming tomorrow!)

  3. Hi Mrs.Hamman, i hope you had a great spring break! I’m really glad you’ve put up something to do, because my dad has been making me do a report on hieroglyphics, and i REALLY didn’t want to do it. Anyway, i’m excited for a digital week!

    1. Hieroglyphics could be interesting too! I wonder if you could combine that somehow with your math project…

      I’m glad you’re excited to learn!

  4. Hi Mrs. Hamman so tired of not doing something thanks for giving us something to do on website. Also, the Email works

  5. Thanks for assigning us a checklist I had nothing else to do and was completely bored. I hope you had a great spring break.

    1. I don’t remember, it was a long time ago when I first set up this blog! There are probably online Mii avatar creators if you look online.

  6. It wouldn’t let me watch the video, also I’m thinking of making a BrainPop video on my account.

      1. It’s not showing a pop out icon, also for my math project I’m going to do a PowerPoint.

  7. Hi Mrs. Hamman! Everything is working okay. Hope you had a great Spring Break!

  8. Hi Mrs. Hamman, the email worked. Spring break was fun even though we have to stay inside.

  9. I can’t wait to get started on my math project. I like that we get to do our own this time. I want to solve level 200 in SolveMe.



  10. Do you know what the prodigy class code is Mrs.Hamman so I can add my prodigy acount to it.

    1. Hi Levi! I’ll email you the code because I don’t want to put in on the internet. I’ll email you in a few minutes.

  11. I made it I hope everyone is having a great extended spring break. lets now make the best of this time we have off, who knows maybe this could be a blessing in disguise.

  12. I really liked solve me because it was like math riddles. It was really cool, but sometimes it became a little tricky. Over all I think this would be an awesome game to play anywhere.

    1. If it shows on the blog, that means I saw it and approved it. If it doesn’t show, then there might have been a glitch and you’ll need to resubmit it. I won’t write a response to every comment from now on (only if you ask me a question that I need to answer), but if it shows on the blog, you’ll know I saw it.

    1. Hi Jazmyne! Could you send me an email? Look at the second video on this post if you need instructions. If you can’t send an email, respond to this post and I’ll email you username and password to your parents.

  13. Hi Mrs. Hamman! I’m just letting you know everything is fine and spring break great!

  14. Hey Mrs. Hamman i had a good spring break playing video games. (jk i am ready to do something finally).

    1. My family went hiking on Picacho peak. we were going to go to California but all this happened.

    1. Hi PJ! I’m glad to hear from you. It’s okay that you haven’t been on until now. We’re updating it every day so keep checking back. Have a great weekend!

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