Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hello! Today we are going to try doing a Flipgrid morning meeting. If you haven’t done Flipgrid before, it’s really fun! For privacy reasons I don’t want to put the link here on the blog, so I’m going to email it to you along with the instructions. I will also post the instructions on the Assignment section in Teams, for people who are having a hard time using email. If you can’t access your email OR Teams, leave a comment here on the the blog and I will email your parent with the information.

The Flipgrid videos have to be moderated, so there won’t be many at first, but the page will grow throughout the day. You can also send video replies to other people as you see what they post.

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to make a Flipgrid video unless you want to! If you’d rather just watch them, that’s fine.

It’s Wednesday, which should be early release day for you!  Do what you can on the tasks posted Monday and Tuesday, then make sure to step away from screens for a while. I’ll do a new post tomorrow with some more ideas for you.

Video of the day

If you have any craft sticks at home, this would be a great time to learn how to make a stick bomb chain reaction! Here’s a video of one:

Have a great early release day, and don’t forget to check the Flipgrid!


8 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 25, 2020

  1. Hi! Flipgrid is really cool! I really liked making and watching all of the videos!

  2. Hi! Flip Grid was really fun to experiment with and to watch other people’s videos!

    1. I think it’s fun too! It’s hard to use it at school because classrooms are usually too loud, but making videos from home is perfect!

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