Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Good morning! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tomorrow we’ll be doing a new Flipgrid Morning Meeting, so it’s time to see how many Mystery People you can identify from last week’s Flipgrid! Go back and watch the videos your classmates made this past week: Morning Meeting 4/29/20

Then take this quiz to see how many you can identify. There will be a prize for the person who gets the most correct answers! I’ll post the correct answers on the blog tomorrow.

Video of the Day

Last week I posted about Caine’s Arcade, which is the viral video that started the Cardboard Challenge trend. There are some artists who have taken creating with cardboard to the next level! Check out this video introduction to the work of the Japanese artist Monami Ohno—incredible!

If you want to see more of her creations up close, check out this site:

Fantastic Cardboard Creations by Monami Ohno

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 5, 2020

  1. No sé cómo Monami Ohno hace eso, pero es genial. Además, creo que es increíble que haya hecho el halcón milenario.

    1. Dice en el artículo que ella no usa materiales especiales. Ella usa tijeras comunes, pegamento y un cuchillo. ¡Qué chido!

  2. Now that Mrs. Hamman and Tatum have been practicing Spanish, I thought I should mention that I have been practicing Russian with my older sister. до свида́ния (goodbye).

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