Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Many of you are getting your assignments finished early this week…good job! Here are ideas to keep you learning!

Mystery Science

Here’s a lesson that goes along with the Generation Genius video from last week about energy transfer. There is an activity in the lesson about how to make a heat spinner, that transfers heat into movement. I’m going to try this later on today!

Energizing everything: How long did it take to travel across the country before cars and planes?

Code Combat

Several of you signed up for Code Combat yesterday and started working on designing your own games. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to the link below and click I’m a Student. The class code is in the comments to this post.

Code Combat

Breakout Live

Here are the themes for Breakout Live this week. To play, go to https://www.breakoutedu.com/live right at 11:00 AM daily and follow the instructions.

Breakout Live themes of the week

I have some meetings in the morning this week, but I’ll play on Friday. If anyone would like to join me in a Zoom call to play along, leave me a comment on this blog post and I’ll send you an invitation to the Zoom call.

Videos of the Day

Let’s have two videos from our class today. The first one has our highlights from October 2019. Based on these photos, can you tell what science unit we started after Fall Break?

This other video shows all of our pollinator models. Remember that the sound isn’t great, but you should still be able to find your group’s clip. What do you remember about this project?

Have a great day of learning today!

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