Wednesday, May 13, 2020

BLOG UPDATE! If you checked this blog early this morning, you didn’t see a Flipgrid link. Sorry, we had some technical difficulties! Here is the link for this week (hint: it would be a good idea to do a video this week!)

Flipgrid Morning Meeting 5/13/20

It’s Wednesday, time for some critical thinking! Here are three more TED-ED puzzles. The first two are unusual because they both have to do with geometry. The third one is a challenging logic puzzle. Watch the videos and pause when it tells you to, then try to solve the puzzle. You can do these!

Can you solve the unstoppable blob riddle?

Can you solve the secret werewolf riddle?

Can you solve the secret sauce riddle? 

Video of the Day

Anytime you get frustrated or think you can’t do something, think of the ibex in this video! They do something that at first seems impossible!

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