Friday, May 15, 2020

Welcome to your last Friday in fifth grade! Can you believe that? After three more school days, you will be sixth graders!

If you see this before about 10:30 and would like to join us for a Breakout Live, leave me a comment below! If you already told me you’d like to join you should have an email from me already.

Science/Videos of the Day

Today is Endangered Species Day! Joel Sartore (the photographer we saw on our field trip) has taken pictures of endangered animals in each state for his Photo Ark. You can view a map with his pictures here: National Geographic Endangered Species Map. 

Building on the Generation Genius lesson from yesterday, I thought I’d share a few videos highlighting ways different organisms’ traits of help them survive in their environment. Does this remind you of the peppered moth?

First, an insect: leaf-mimicking grasshopper.

Next, my favorite type of animal: cephalopods! Here’s a mimic octopus.

Finally, an amazing bird with a funny name: the potoo.

Have a wonderful day, and a great weekend!

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