The last week of school!


YOU MADE IT! It’s the last day of school! Your only activity today is to join us for our last Zoom meeting this morning.

I’ll tell you again what I said on Monday: I was thinking about the year we’ve spent together and I have to say how proud I am of all of you! You were superstars before the schools shutdown, but you are superheroes now! I can hardly believe how well you’ve managed to keep working and learning in a situation that was really difficult. Seriously, you should really feel like you have accomplished something. It was a privilege for me to teach you.❤️

I always ask my previous class to come back and visit me, and next year it will be easy! Did you know I moved my class next door to Mrs. Coté for next year (goodbye, computer room!) I expect you to swing by from time to time when you are big sixth graders!

Wednesday Video of the Day

We’re going to share our Video of the Day during our Zoom meeting. For all you early risers, here’s a hint: it’s on the Classroom Videos 2019-20 page.

Wednesday Comment of the Day

Tell me what you’re excited to do this summer! I hope your summer is relaxing and amazing!

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For your activity today, try one of these digital Breakout games! These have the codes built in as a form. Read whatever instructions they have carefully. I have played them all so you can email me for a hint if you get stuck!

States of Matter

Asteroid Collision

Going to the Movies

Mr. Awesome Breakout (challenging-6th grade level math)

Find the Redstone (challenging-6th grade level reading)

These Breakouts were all made by teachers or kids. I had planned to show you how to create your own breakout in class this quarter, but I think it’s actually something you could figure out for yourself! Could you think how you could use a Sway combined with a Microsoft Form to make your own breakout? If you try one over the summer, share it with me!

Tuesday Video of the Day

You’ve probably guessed that I get most of the videos I’ve been posting from my favorite site, The Kid Should See This (TKSST). Today, go to the site, search through topics that interest you, and choose your own video of the day! Then see below.

The Kid Should See This

Tuesday Comment of the Day

Answer this question in the comments. What video did you watch on TKSST? What did you like about it? Give me the specific title and I’ll add it to our Video of the Day list!

Hi everyone! For this last week of school I’m just going to do one post, but I’ll keep adding to it every day. That way everything you need for the week will be in one place.



Spot the Station: TONIGHT! If you can, go outside right before 8:10 PM tonight. Look to the western sky. Wait a minute and you will start to see a bright white dot of light moving across the sky towards the northeast. That’s not a plane, it’s the International Space Station orbiting the Earth! Often when it flies over Arizona it’s in the middle of the night, but tonight would be a great time to see it without interrupting your sleep! If your family would like to get text alerts telling when the ISS is visible in our area, you can sign up here: Spot the Station.

For the last week of school, we all know it’s easy to feel like vacation started already, but try your best to keep learning today! If you’ve done the assignments in Teams (including the Flipgrid), this would be a good time to take a look back at some of the things we’ve posted on the blogs in the past that you may have skipped. Hit the left arrow button at the bottom of this post to go back, or scroll through the entries on the sidebar. You might find something that you really like! You might also want to look at the fast finisher ideas I posted a couple weeks ago: Fast Finisher Ideas.

Monday Video of the Day

Of course I need to give you another chain reaction! There are some special things about this one.

Monday Comment of the Day

I’d like you to leave me a comment today to answer this question: What is one GOOD thing that happened as a result of the school shutting down this quarter? Don’t tell me “I can sleep in until noon”, we all know that one! 😂Try to give me one real thing that has been better about this quarter. I’ll leave a comment first as an example.

41 thoughts on “The last week of school!

  1. One good thing about this quarter was that students could use email to talk to teachers one on one if they had questions. A lot of times in a busy class we’d run out of time for questions, and email lets you ask questions and talk to teachers at any time. I think you should keep that habit even after we move back to in-person learning!

  2. One good thing about this quarter, is that we can work at our own pace, and can finish assinments earlier in the week. This is helpful because one week some assinments might be dificult for some people and easier for others. The next week, it might be vice versa. With the whole corentine thing, we can finish our schooll work at our own speed.

  3. I have two good things about fourth quarter they are we are able to wear our pajamas all day and we are able to sleep in.

  4. One good thing about this quarter was that I could get my work done quicker without distractions.

  5. Something good that has come from the school shut down is it allows me to get a lot more done wether it be for online school or at home projects.

  6. One good thing is now after Covid 19 is COMPLETELY gone nobody will want to stay inside they will want to go outside. Oh, I almost forgot, me and my family spent time with each other so much (exactly how we spent time with each other before quarantine in a good way). We also had time to adjust our new puppy to our home. I loved every part of this school year (no cover 19 though). I’m going to miss it. Bye.

  7. One good thing about this quarter is that students have their own workspaces they can choose and use. That rhymes!

  8. I’ve enjoyed online learning because I can do all my homework in the morning then have all day to do what ever I want. 🙂

  9. One good thing about this quarter is, we try new things. We can go at our own pace and when we get done with the things we need to do, we can do whatever we what.

  10. one good thing about school shutting down is we can make sure the guys doing our backyard are doing it correctly.

  11. One good thing about us quaranting is that we can take our time on our assignments and have no distractions!

  12. One good thing about Covid-19 is that we got to actually spend some quality time with our families (though now all we want to do is get away from them 😉 ) not just our the ones that we live with but our cousins and grandmas and grandpas (at least for me I’ve been face-timing them a LOT).

  13. One thing good about school getting shut down is that we are spending more time with our families and pets.

  14. Something good that happened to me and my family is that we got to spend quality time with each other. We also had to learn how to live with each other in a kindly manner.

  15. 1 good thing is hard to name but I really did love being able to work online because we can increase our technology skills! I am really never going to forget 5th Grade!

  16. My favorite thing about fourth quarter is that I can stay in my pajamas for a while and that I can turn things in early/ work at my own pace.

  17. One good thing about this quarter is that we were able to test our patience and flexibility. We were also able to spend more time with our families.

  18. Something good I was able to do this quarter was set my own schedule for school.

  19. The video that I watched was in the science section…. Polypterus, a fish out of water. What was interesting about it was that it was a fish that had lungs and gills, and its bones and muscles changed when it went on land.

  20. I decided to check out the DIY section and watched “How to paint layered petals with watercolor.

  21. This summer I am looking forward to going to see my youngest daughter and her husband, who just moved to Saratoga Springs, Utah. I am excited to have a cool place to visit when it gets to be 110 degrees here! I am hopeful that we’ll get a baseball season here, because one of my favorite things to do in the summer is watch the Diamondbacks games, even if it’s just on TV. What do you hope to do this summer?

  22. Swim Swim Swim.

    Swims upside down or backwards is Swims.

  23. This summer we will hopefully go out to Colorado and visit my cousins and my uncle and aunt. We usually go out on the lake with them on their big motor boat!

  24. I usually do sleepovers with my best friend because she lives close by and her younger brother can have a sleep over with my little brother. With quarantine we have to delay it, of course, but we hope to do it again soon!

  25. This summer I am looking forward to swimming, and maybe going to Minnesota! I hope you have a good summer!

    1. I love Minnesota in summer! My sister used to live there and I loved to visit her. I hope you have a great summer, too!

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