The Curse of the Shrunken Head, by Maelle


Hazel hated magicians.

Everybody gathered around the magician (Dr. Mysterious, whatever) as he pulled a curtain off of a hideous shrunken head. Three people screamed. One little girl fainted. He put his top hat over the shrunken head, annoyed by the crowd’s reactions, as if he had seen it a thousand times. The magician then lifted up the hat, and the shrunken head was gone. Hazel was not surprised. The magician was. He looked like he had intended it to be a fruit.

“But where did it go?” A woman shouted. Suddenly, one man in the back fell forwards, unconscious.


One thought on “The Curse of the Shrunken Head, by Maelle

  1. Hello Maelle, I loved this story. The title was great and relevant to the story you told. I’m curious as to what happened to the shrunken head now. Was the magician evil?

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