The Xathros Colony, by Kyle

June 24, 5037

I was with my colonist group of our spaceship the Eclipse711. We were just about to land on a planet far away from earth to start a new life. I was very lucky to be there because after the asteriod hit and earth became unlivable and people were rushing to get off of earth. Anyways we landed on a place called Xathros.  When we landed everyone filed off the ship. When we got off, a lady turned around and stared. But where did it go” she screamed. Our ship was gone. We were stuck on this planet

One thought on “The Xathros Colony, by Kyle

  1. Hi Kyle,
    Well done on your piece for the 100 word challenge.
    when I read your piece of writing I was mainly wondering how could you fit an awesome bit of writing only into 100 words.
    * something I really enjoyed in this text was you didn’t just put ” our spaceship” you made a name for it which was the Eclipse711.
    You are more than welcome to check out my blog.
    Overall, I loved your story!
    from Alice

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