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We recently finished a round of Book Clubs in our class. We all chose from a list of books to read, and we met each week with others reading the same book to discuss what we read. After we finished the book we made commercials to share our books with others. More will be posted here as they are completed.


26 thoughts on “Book Club Commercials

  1. Okay, now My Side of the Mountain seems so much cooler than I thought it was. I also want to read Whatshisface because I’m just confused by their commercial and I need to read it. Slacker looks cool now, and now I want to read Refugee, and same with Tuck Everlasting. Basically, now I want to read all the books!

  2. I think That I would like to read Refugee because not only was the commercial funny but it was interesting.

  3. Everyone’s presentation was really good, and had funny parts in it to make it even better. All in all, GREAT JOB!

  4. I want to read the Westing Game because it sounds very interesting and good.

  5. I watch both what’s his face and my side of the mountain. Both were filled with action and drama. Both of them looked cool to read. Maybe I will read both just for the fun of it.

  6. I would really like to read Tuck Everlasting and Refugee because they both seem to have a lot of mystery and conflict which would show that it is a good book.

  7. I want to read what’s his face because I want to know what happens next and it has a very interesting description on what happens now want I to know if they find out what his face looks looks like and find out what is really happening to the phone and they explain the thrills you might run into while reading the book.

  8. I want to read My Side of The Mountain now after seeing their commercial, because I like action and mystery.

  9. I would like to read My Side of the Mountain now because the commercial was so great.

  10. I love how in the My Side of the Mountain commercial, I get to be a crazy Australian with pet monkeys and Zach is a wanted Russian spy. I also love when in The Westing Game commercial, two random people broke in.

  11. All commercials were funny and well made. I would like to read What’s His Face and Tuck Everlasting. Both commercials made it very convincing. Great job to all groups!

  12. These videos were so fun to make! Ours took awhile, but in the end it turned out so good! The book we read was Tuck Everlasting, and I would really encourage all of you guys to read it 🙂

  13. My favorite was what’s his face it looks like it was hard to make and took a lot of time.

  14. I would really like to read Whatshisface now, and I would like to read The Westing Game.

  15. I really want to read What’s His Face now because I want to know whos the guy in the phone and why is he there. You presented the book very well in the commercial and now I want to read the book!

  16. I loved the clip about My Side of the Mountain because Kyle, Thane and Zack all talk about the book but they still have fun with it. My favorite part is when Zack or the “Russian spy” comes in and talks about the book. A round of applause to all of you!


  17. I would love to read refugee. Based on the commercial it sounds super cool.

  18. I want to rea refugee because in he video they explained the book well with lots of details but not spoiling the book.

  19. I haven’t read any of these books, but the commercials make these books look so entertaining. The action in some of them and the interviews in others are great at making me wanna read these books.

  20. Based on the commercial I want to read refugee. Mackenzie and Evan make it sound really suspenseful and exciting. I also want to read the one safe place. The way Timmy described sounds fun because he explained how you can put the puzzle pieces together and figure out the mystery with the characters.

  21. I think they were all very creative, and some funny, but in all they were all amazing!

  22. I liked the Westing Games add, because it was funny and interesting.

  23. I think it would be cool to read My Side of the Mountain.

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