Leaving Blog Comments

Blogging is a great way to learn about and communicate with other people. It’s a pretty new way of communicating, and the standards for blog posts and comments are always shifting and changing, but it’s always appropriate to be polite and considerate no matter how you are communicating. We have a two-part class norm: work hard and be nice. These norms can apply to blogging, too! We should work hard to craft comments that are thoughtful, interesting and proofread, and should be nice by only offering positive comments to others.

We are practicing our commenting for the Student Blogging Challenge task this week. We’re going to practice by leaving comments for one of or neighboring classes, and asking them for feedback about the quality of our comments.

Mrs. Moore’s Class Blog

We’ll leave this post with a peek inside our classroom. This was a time-lapse video we took on a half-day this past week. Can you tell some of the things we did in our math and science classes?

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